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How to keep a saddle clean ?

Horse riding is a sport which calls for a lot of specific and appropriate equipment, whether it is for the rider or for the horse: indeed to be able to ride you need some protections for your horse’s legs, a bridle, a saddle pad and above all a good saddle. This last point is absolutely essential: if your saddle does not perfectly suits to your horse, there are so many risks of serious injury. That is why you have to choose it with care. And once you found it, you have to take a good care of it. Today we are giving you all the tips and tricks to maintain your saddle at best.

Choosing the right products

It is absolutely essential to choose the good products to well maintain your saddle. Si it is important to know that some products have to be banned for saddle maintenance: indeed, you have to avoid cleaning it with water, which is likely to dry the leather out. You should rather glycerinated soap, to perfectly clean the leather and deeply soften it: this product is affordable and you do not need to rinse it, so you save time and money.

Three steps for a well maintained saddle

Firstly, you should begin by cleaning your saddle with glycerinated soap : copiously soak your sponge and apply it all over the saddle. Then let it dry completely, and above all do not rinse it. One the soap penetrated, you have to nourish the leather: take a clean and non-fluffy rag, then take a generous amount of beeswax and apply all over the saddle. Do not forget to apply on the bottom of the flaps and on the stirrup straps. Finally, you can coat your saddle with neatsfoot oil: apply it with a paintbrush to deeply nourish the damaged leather and soften the new one. However, if your saddle is in a good condition and regularly maintained, this last step is not compulsory. Click to discover how to maintain the saddles.

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