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Horseback riding, tips and tricks for your training!

Here is the site for riders looking for information and classified advertisements on horseback riding, on training for different disciplines and preparation for horse races. This site is full of tips and tricks for the horse and its rider, in connection with:
- horse feeding
- the well-being and maintenance of the horse, its anatomy
- disciplines
- horseracings
- events
- the equipment (ads and innovations), its maintenance
- breedings
- pathologies
- Technical tips and tricks
- and saddle-fitting

Horse training: basic principles

The respect of these principles is essential to ensure optimal horse well-being and optimal training efficiency. They apply to all horses regardless of age, race, level of training or discipline. Work according to the behavior and cognitive abilities of the horse, correctly apply the theory of learning, set up easy to distinguish signals, work the answers one by one, work when the horse is calm, establish habits ..! You will find on this site a short overview of the principles of horse training. They have been simplified to facilitate their application.

The physical preparation of the rider in horseback riding

Many riders neglect the physical aspect of the training. Riding is a sport that demands qualities of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Horses are prepared as high-level athletes but is the rider an athlete? Here are the different axes of work for the physical preparation in riding, in particular in eventing, and international eventing :

Dressage : this discipline is the first stage of the eventing. The rider must show that he knows how to communicate with his horse. In dressage the rider must maintain a beautiful posture.
Show jumping:
In jump the rider must master many parameters : the pulse, the speed, the stride between the obstacles, the changes of direction. Required skills of coordination, strength and energy in the legs to perform position changes on the horse. He must also maintain his posture so as not to disturb the horse in efforts.
The cross : last event of the eventing. It is an obstacle course in the wilderness that lasts between 5 and 7 minutes. Quality necessary for endurance.

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